Medical fond, Medical nurse in Center and in home
  • Medical nurse in Center and in home

Older persons, especially those who live with no family members or relatives and are weaker healthy estate, are forced to go to the doctor. By that they need help, which is : appointing doctor term, following – driving to the doctor, going to medical store for buying medications, than driving home. Also, these people need often visits, controlling blood pressure and blood sugar, giving therapy and insuline, cleaning of little wounds etc.. Medical nurse to our users is giving services in rooms of the Center Fenix. Once in a week, she organises and leads fellowship with our users. Medical nurse is cooperating with Center for social work in the care of certain users, especially when it comes to users with psyhiatric disorders, ex-drug addicts, abandoned and homeless.

  • Medical fond

Its a provision of necessary medications for persons who can't buy or procure them. Users come to us with doctor prescriptions. Then, our medical nurse buys and gives medications. Number of persons, who need help like this, is rising every year, and its very hard to reject some users with an explanation that the medicals can't be ensured, because they are expensive.

  • Hangouts

Once in a week, medical nurse is organising hangouts with users, where they have small talk, drink coffe and tee, eat some candys. They get advices for health, speak about personal problems, read news papers etc.. this kind of fellowship is very important for our users, especially for those who live alone. Also, the aim of this activitiy is to give observance to these persons, let them know that they aren't forgotten and abandoned. Often, these moments are full of singings and good mood.

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