Help in the wardrobe, Godfathering
  • Help in the wardrobe

Helping in the clothes and sheets is every day attendant. This is specially important when it comes to the families with more kids. We have always enough wardrobe, because our donators ordinarily supply us. The problem is warehousing and sorting. We don't have a proper room for that.

  • Godfathering

Children are our future! We in Fenix witness every day the hard living of the children. Not only for money absence. When children don't have father or mother or both, when is the parent ill, when is the child ill, when it comes to family violence, families with many children where the parents aren't working, and many other situations. We decided to help families with children that live heavily. A few of our friends articulated a wish to financially support those children. We rationalized godfathering : one child – one donor ! The donor pays a certain amount of money for certain child. The amount is arbitrary, but the unwritten minimum is 50 KM(25€)

  • Intermittent humanitarily actions
    • Distribution of Eid food packages
    • Preparing and distributing of Ramadan iftar's
    • Buying a cow or tractor for families who have their own land but no cattle
    • Humanitarily help
    • Supplying of medical apparatus (wheelchair, rolators, diapers, lending of bed for bedridden person etc.)
    • Supplying of furniture, white goods, and other needings
    • Supplying with fire wood
    • Help in the time of weather disasters and other crisis situations, as taking part in humanitary actions which are organised by other individuals or organisations

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