Seasonal projects in garden

From beginning of march till the end of october many important activities take part in our garden. Center Fenix has its own agricultural ground with a surface of 1,5 ha and every year we are growing fruits and vegetables for our needings. One part of this surface is orchard where is growing 600 different plants of fruit (apple,pear,peach,plum, cherry, quince,hagberry). Also we have plants of siberian blueberry (aronia melanocarpa), about 1200 bushes and in 2014 we marked a first fruitage. In open space we are growing potatoes, onions, beans, cucumbers while in green houses we grow cultures who need more heat. Green houses are very important for Center FENIX, because we get 6-7 tons of different vegetables (paprika, tomato, eggplants, cabbage lettuce, celery). With no bigger actions, where our users give us the biggest help, we couldn't handle all these assignments in short period.


  • Growing potatoes, onions, beans
  • Spudding and trenching of plants
  • Harvesting, sorting, cleaning, packing or preparing for tooling fruits and vegetables (cutting and packing)
  • Preparing of ''sour'' food for winter (scrubbing the cabbage, cutting the vegetables, cleaning paprikas)
  • Boiling fruits for juices and jams
  • And many other activities
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