How has everything begun

Center ''Fenix'' is acting in Sanski Most since July 1997 and this organisation has in that year started up the projects with focus directed to women, parturients, young mothers and families. As local organisation we were live witnesses of troubles that are facing tertians from European countries, heavy afterwar period and especially problems that had older persons and those who were living alone and abandoned. Back there, homes were still ruined, there was weakness of the infrastructure and many other things were missing for normalising of lives. We couldn't be passive and borded in our acting, although in some way we had no intention to take upon only humanitarily work, because back there on teritory of Sanski Most and Unsko-Sanski Kanton were working many humanitary organisations.


Our vision was to give women a chance to have their own working place, to be economicaly recuperated and independent, especially to single parented mothers, women who lost their husbands in the sorely war. In 1999, with the help of other organisations, we started up the project of laundry room in Sanski Most. Laundry room was intended to all peril citizens who hadn't conditions at home to wash their wardrobe, sheets etc. At another side, employed womens were tertians. In the time of 2000, large number of internation humanitary organisations were retreating, and the number of local organisations was also decreased so the sharing of humanitarly help was not so intensive. After all, poorness is visible in many aspects. MalteserHilfsdienst back then, who was a cooperator with Fenix, was closing their office in Sanski Most. As a conclusion of that they wanted to leave something and started up the project of public kitchen (..), with a wish tis kitchen acting as a part of our Fenix.
In long term planning and discussions we were speaking as a fellowship, and then we accepted this very human but responsible project.
And then one short term became long term project, which number of users is increasing by the years.

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