emilhoticEmil Hotić, Leader of the project

From the begininng I am leading and organising everything that has to do with social projects. I am enjoying this work and it is fullfilling me, although it is saturated with hard moments. I am giving my best so all of our clients can be happy, we are helping everyone proportionate to their needs, but again in accordance with our possibilities. This job is big responsibility for me, because I want that help comes to the one who needs it. Along this job, I am organising and leading the acitivities for our agricultural projects, where I am striving to include our users, so we can help them and they can help us.



aneravelicAnera Velić , chef cook-maid

I am part of this team for 15 years, working on the position of main cook and with my colleagues giving my best to give our maximum. It is not easy to watch all those people who live in powerty, a lot of them had a decent life, and now they are forced to come to our kitchen. Except the warm meal, it is important to give them a smile, say a nice word, and sometimes that means as much as this lunch to them.



jasminkahrusticJasna Hrustić, cook

By profession I am a cook, working this job for 17 years, and I am daily in contact with our users. In this work you can experipence both, happy and sad moments. Sometimes our users are cheering up atmosphere in the kitchen by there stories and gestations, and sometimes they can affore us encumbrances also. I understand them, it is not easy. Luckily this work has more happy moments than those others.



emirahadzicEmira Hadžić, cook

Olderness, sickness, loneliness incorporated with poorness are a heavy combination. It is not easy to handle it, what is going to happen with us in the old days. I am asking my self often? When I see how these people feel, I am ashamed of giving any complains. We must help people, and through this job I am also helping myself because in my family I am the only one employed.



amelamujkicAmela Mujkić, cook

By the length of the internship in the cook job I am the youngest. My older colleagues accepted me and they are coequaly sharing activities and obligations with me. Until i started to work in Fenix, I was not aware of such a high number social cases is that big in our town.




huseinmedenhodzicHusein Medenhodžić , food deliverer and carer for elderly

I never thought that I could do this job, because before the war I worked in textile fabric. When i started to work as a deliverer before 15 years, I was delivering warm meal for 12 persons and now I have to deliver from 55 to 60 warm meals every day. By the time I realisied how much it means to our users when someone opens their door to see if they are even alive. By the way, to someone i bring daily papers, someone medications, bring some woods in the house, speak a few words with that person. I give haircut to our male users, shave them and if they are not in possibility then I bring them in to the Center and give them a bath. I feel a big pleasure when that person tells me ; '' God blessed you my son, what would i do without you'' ...


amraibrisagicAmra Ibrišagić, nurse

In this project I am working for eight years. I work with old, abalienated persons. Going every day in home visits and coming across them in Center, that is fullfilling me. I never felt hard to give help. I love that communication with old people. They need someone to listen them. Their life stories, someone to understand them. I see that daily from our conversations and I think that is sometimes the most important from all things that they are denialed.



fatimaagigicFatima Agičić i, laundry room

Our job is to wash the laundry from our users, especially for those who can not do that by themselves. It is very important for them to have clean wardrobe, sometimes they get angry because we aren't capable to wash and dry everything immediately, but we understand that those are old habits which can't be changed.



sudkakaltakSudka Kaltak, laundry room

Our job is to wash the laundry from our users, especially for those who can not do that by themselves. It is very important for them to have clean wardrobe, sometimes they get angry because we aren't capable to wash and dry everything immediately, but we understand that those are old habits which can't be changed.



senadaganibegovicSenada Ganibegović, cleaning women

I started to come in Center as a user, because my family went through a horrible car accident. Than I included myself in Centers projects of helping women, so I started to help volunteerly , and for a few last years I am employed. I take care of our rooms, they have to be clean, so as our environment. Flowers are a reflection of our welcoming. I am thankful for the support I got, and today im happy that I can help other people.




adisahoticAdisa Hotić, chief executive manager

As a founder and originator of complete organisation my vision was to connect various segments in work, so everybody is welcome in our organisation, no matter on age, gender and religion especially those who need some kind of help or those who are abandoned and discriminated, from their society or their family. Today I think that a part of vision, we started with, is accomplished – Center ''Fenix'' really is an ''savior oasis'' and some kind of asylum, because no matter can we help someone or not, everybody has a chance to be heard. Thank God, i witness every day how people feel in our Center and how much hapiness we can bring in lifes of those people – with a little humanity and love.


eminasehicEmina Šehić

In the early beginnings of this project I was part of the team : EMEMEVA – EminaEmilEvamaria. Together with my colleagues, and one of our first cooperators and donors in this project, mrs. Evamaria, social worker from Bremen, I took part in building and evolving this project. Often this job was very hard and painful. Developing of our organisation I assumed another liabilities, now I am executive manager of our Home for old people ''Zlatna jesen'' . With this project I am still in intensive work with old people, but in my spirit I am always connected with our soupkitchen. I also do the paper work, take care that all bills are payed.


eminamajdankicEmina Majdankić

Although i am leading another project, innovative care of mother and baby, i am included in our social projects. I am medical nurse, and i replace my colleague when she's not available. But everybody know me, talk to me, especially when they need medications and measuring of blood pressure or anything else. I am working directly with pregnant women and young mothers. Through this project we help all imperiled families who are coming to us because they need competent support. We are conducting a lot of families during their first pregnancy, and so on, as long as they need help.


belmapasicBelma Pašić

As a legist i have no directly work with our users, but i am always there to help when we are planning free acitivities, write the reports (...) and lead the statistics. I am very happy when we cheer up our users, no matter in which way.

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