Profile of the beneficiaries

Older personslogo

Persons who are 60 years and older, those who are not phyisically and materially not capable to ensure themselves one warm meal daily, those who have no benefits or compensations, persons with lowest pensions.


Social imperiled families

Families with merely members in which nobody is working, none of the members has endless source of compensations, families with more children, with sick or disabled children, families which members are younger than 60 years, and families where parents are sick and can't affor incomes.


Abandoned persons

Persons who live alone and don't have any family members or relatives, persons who are coming from disfunctional family ambience.

Chronic sickness (people with psyhiatric disorders, PTSD, cancer, diabetes...)

These persons often ask for help in buying medications, alimental resources, fire wood and similar because they can't procure funds or they have no enough money.


Invalids – civil and war

Civil and war invalids are personating beneficiars who are enjoying various types of services.


Tertians and minorities : Serbs, Croats, Romes and others

These people are often old and alone, have no closer relatives, or persons who are abandoned from their families and they have no contact with them.

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